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Workforce Management Bridge Today’s Workforce with Efficient Software

Plan, forecast, and schedule the easy way! Our workforce management system will allow you to optimize productivity by integrating scheduling with time and attendance. Scheduling is simplified because employers have the ability to create schedules manually or automatically, according to resource requirements. We will work with you to design a system that will meet your needs.

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Workforce Management Solutions For Businesses of All Sizes


Workforce Management Solutions for Scheduling


  • Based on location, tasks, certification, and other qualifications
  • List of available employees who are qualified to fill open positions
  • Schedule give-away, pick up, and swapping amongst employees
  • Notification services to employees by text message or phone call
  • Daily roster with scheduled positions and assigned employees
  • Scheduling by priority and preferences
  • Application of minimum and maximum hour limitations
Workforce Management Solutions for Vacation Accruing and Requesting

Vacation Accruing and Requesting

  • Automated, based on company policies
  • Employee requesting through system
  • Manager approves or declines with automated notifications
  • Balances available to employee from any web (compatible) device
Workforce Management Solutions for Expense Tracking

Expense Tracking

  • Attach electronic receipts
  • Map pay codes to payroll
  • Allow manager approval through system
Workforce Management Solutions for Point Systems

Point System

  • Progressive performance tracking
  • Awards programs for perfect attendance