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Payroll System Innovative Technology

Bene-Chex technology is a well-designed, cloud-based payroll system that allows for employee data entry, a simple 4-step payroll process and valuable reporting services. Our software is available from any computer with a single point of access and allows entry in customizable, easy-to-use grids with simple payroll information batch processing. With our technology, importing and exporting information is smooth and straightforward.

Once the 4-step payroll process is complete, a dedicated and trusted payroll specialist will perform a secondary review, keeping you informed of any “Red Flags”. We go beyond providing proven technology and “check cutting” by becoming your payroll partner. During your payroll review, you can see an employee’s check and run pre-processed payroll reports.

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Easy to Use Cloud-Based Payroll System

Bene-Chex Services & Resources

Valuable Reporting Services

You will have access to an extensive library of standard reports which have custom date ranges and are exportable in PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and CSV. The reports can be scheduled with your payrolls, are conveniently organized by pay date and can be electronically distributed, automatically and securely. Reports can also be generated for seamless general ledger integration. Access to employee self service and manager self service portals are also available.

Secure website providing employees access anywhere and anytime to:

  • View recent paystubs
  • View W-2s
  • View company directory
  • View or update directory information
  • View company messages
  • View company documents
  • Link to company provided website URLs
  • Reset passwords

Client administrator functionality includes the following items:

  • Reset employee passwords
  • Resend employee pay stub or W2s
  • View employee self service status
  • Regenerate employee activation letter
  • Add messages, documents, or links
  • Change color scheme
  • Change company logo
  • Assign department managers