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Prevue Assessments Hire Intelligently, Develop Effectively AND Promote Wisely

With these assessments provided by BenHR, you can learn more about your candidates and employees to ensure you’re hiring intelligently, developing effectively and promoting wisely. We realize each company is different, which is why we customize our assessment services to each client on an individual basis.

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Human Resource Assessments for Businesses of all Sizes

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Prevue Aptitude

Minimize employee turnover with Prevue Aptitude and Assessment Testing. These assessments quickly and accurately help with both hiring and promotion decisions by providing information about the candidate and the position for which they are being considered. We offer several tests including:

  1. Hiring and Retention

    The process of intelligently choosing, keeping and motivating staff is one of the most difficult tasks a company can face. Our reports allow you to see a reliable description of the important work-related characteristics of the candidate and how these characteristics match up against the characteristics that have been determined to be the best fit for the position.

  2. Development and Coaching

    Effectively developing your employees involves understanding their abilities, interests and personality. You can use that knowledge to work with them towards success within your organization. Our reports make it easier for companies to develop and coach their employees so that they can reach their potential.

  3. Succession Planning and Promotion

    With today’s changing workforce demographics, and the imminent retirement of an entire generation of managers, it is increasingly important that organizations are able to make wise promotion decisions. Promoting the wrong people can limit your organization’s future, and send negative ripples throughout the organization. Our solutions will evaluate your staff and help you determine who the best candidates for advancement are.

Employment Background Screenings

We understand the importance of hiring quality employees, which is why we are dedicated to offering you these imperative screening services. We provide federal, state & county background checks, education verification, motor vehicle reports, and drug screening. Results are provided to you in a timely fashion, with background results in 24 hours and drug screening results within 48 hours.