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Red Flag Guardian Service


Affordable Care Act (ACA)


ACA is Here to Stay... Now What?


2015 is quickly approaching and the need to implement the provisions of the law in advance of its statutory guidelines will no doubt result in a wave of guidance over the coming weeks and months.


Join us at one of our ACA webinars to learn more.




Large Group Employee Benefits Solutions



For over 35 years, BeneCo of Wisconsin (a member of The Benefit Companies, Inc.) has specialized solely in the area of employee benefits, providing our clients with the expertise and experience to create effective long term solutions. Today's best employees have come to expect quality benefits - and BeneCo can help you create an attractive and cost effective benefits package.


Our role, and our commitment to our clients, is to provide the highest quality service while helping transform our products and services into an advantage, enabling opportunities you otherwise could not. From risk assessment, to risk quantification, to risk mitigation, our approach is a truly differentiated client experience. An experience based on brokerage excellence, and seamless access to unrivaled talent.


Employee Benefits Consulting

BeneCo specializes in selecting innovative and traditional benefit solutions based on your company's particular needs. Whether you are looking to implement new benefits, or you're just wondering if you are currently getting the best deal, BeneCo can help. Our dedicated staff can provide turnkey service — from analyzing your needs and current benefits, all the way through implementation and employee education. We're always available to answer your questions. We can evaluate your plan experience over time and help you avoid unpleasant surprises and expenses.


Defined Benefits Consulting

BeneCo has independent and experienced employee benefit executives who offer our clients the best solutions based on their company's goals and cost parameters. You can be assured our specialists approach your employee benefit and welfare plans comprehensively.


BeneCo has perfected analytic tools that itemize to-fine-detail the causes for the rising costs of your self-funded insurance program. The result:  our clients make information-based decisions, not guesses when determining if or how to modify benefits to mitigate increases.


Employee Benefits Solutions
BeneCo serves more clients in more industries in Wisconsin than any firm in our industry. We work with businesses, public entities, organizations, and private clients. Our experience in helping clients turn insurance and financial risk products into a competitive advantage is unsurpassed.


•  Accidental Death and Dismemberment
•  Cancer & Specified Disease Insurance
•  Critical Illness Insurance
•  Dental
•  Dependent Care Assistance
•  Dependent Life Insurance
•  Disability Income Insurance
•  Employee Benefit Audit
•  Employee-Paid Voluntary Programs
•  Employer Sponsored Plans
•  Flexible Benefits
•  LifeBeneCo of Wisconsin
•  Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
•  Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA)
•  HMO/PPO Evaluation
•  Long Term Care
•  Long Term Disability (LTD)
•  Medical
•  Salary Continuation
•  Short Term Disability (STD)
•  Supplemental Health Options Plan
•  Supplemental Life Insurance
•  Term Life Insurance
•  Travel and Accident Plans
•  Universal Life Insurance
•  Vision
•  Wellness Programs


Flexible, Reliable, Outstanding Customer Service

Because we work for you and not the insurance companies, we compare offers to ensure we offer you the most competitive proposal. The expertise and experience between our companies is a shared resource in tailoring options for your company.


Regulatory Monitoring

We continuously monitor the complex and evolving legislative environment that can impact your benefits (as well as related tax and financial matters) and watch for opportunities to assist our clients in saving money and enhancing their benefits.


Employee Surveys

Do you really know what your employees are thinking? Let our veteran HR staff help you implement, analyze and properly interpret employee surveys that provide invaluable insights.


Employee Benefit Communications

Liability and compliance are two of many reasons to make sure that your benefits are properly communicated to employees. Perhaps more importantly, your investment in employee benefits is a considerable one — ensure that employees participate effectively, understand their benefits and appreciate their value, through effective benefits communication.


Employee Focus Groups

Generally a component of other programs, focus groups can be used to help select new benefits that employees will most appreciate, as part of HR programs such as employee retention workshops, or in preparation for a new retirement plan. However, focus groups can be implemented for a wide variety of reasons. Take advantage of our experience in adapting and applying this powerful tool.


Employee Assistance Programs

EAP programs may provide a broad spectrum of services such as psychological and legal counseling, and referrals for additional assistance. EAPs are sometimes part of health care benefits plans, but your benefits plan or provider may not provide these benefits. We can help you locate and implement an EAP program that meets your needs and budget.



For additional information, please email or call us at (262)207-1999.





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